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With prescription medication abuse on the rise having insight into your pharmacy customers’ dispensing history is key to understanding the operation of their business.



   About Us: Who We Are

The ideas, methods and algorithms that Pro Compliance Pharmacy Verification Systems has incorporated into our offering were conceived years ago through joint collaboration between industry experts in the governing and private sectors, which include information technology and regulatory affairs specifically in the pharmaceutical area.

Today, our multi-disciplined staff consists of experts in all fields related to the distribution and prescribing of prescription medications. From certified compliance experts, to physicians, to pharmacist, in addition to our revolutionary technology, we offer years of practical hands on experience to deliver high quality work.

Factual, evidenced based reporting, while imperative and necessary for real world due diligence and compliance evaluations, are only a small part of our services. We have available to our clientele access to these important disciplines to insure our clients fully understand the information contained in our reporting.

At Pro-Compliance – we offer real-time information and we deliver it fast – no fluff, no fanfare – simply the objective information to help you make the most informed business decisions.

A reasonable approach with a serious set of tools, would best describe our resulting output in reporting, built with the logic applied practically in the industry

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