We help you to know and to truly understand your customer and the manner in which their pharmacy dispenses medications. Our services take the guesswork out of non-standardized reporting for all of your customers.

Our sister company, offers a new and innovative approach to DEA Registration verification and Monitoring Services. We provide users with a streamlined approach to checking the validity of DEA Registrations, “sandboxing” those in question for a greater detail of verification, removing all guesswork.

We provide you the ability to locate the status on any DEA Registrant by nearly ANY search criteria, then log those results for later retrieval or proof of service watermarked by date and time.

Do you have ongoing concerns about the status of your clients DEA Prescribing privileges?

An account with DEA Verify is so much more than a focal point for registration validation. It  is a concentric service of acknowledged notification when a change in status for one registrant or up to one million registrants has occurred.

Questionable registrants can be “hot listed” for further  verification, removing all doubt as to the DEA Registrant privilege, or up to the minute status.

Real world, real tools, right now. It just make sense,,  Join today and have the ease of mind right away.

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